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Placement Services

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Permanent Staffing:

Caters the requirements for Junior, Middle & Senior level positions.

Project-based staffing:

Caters the temporary/project base manpower according to the requirements.

Onsite Assistance:

Provide a dedicated resource for a specific period to help, guide, and coordinate with the internal recruitment team and act as a bridge with our off-site recruitment team.

Job Interview
Recruitment Process

Understand the Client's requirements

Sourcing Candidates

Shortlist Candidates

First round of interview

Send for Final interview

Job Offer & Closure

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Industries Served
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Gems & Jewellery

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Construction & Real Estate

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Refrigerated Goods


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Information Technology

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Freight Forwarding

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Image by Watts Roofing Supplies


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Hotel & Travel

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Health & Pharmaceuticals

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Facility Management

Waste Pickup


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CA Firms

and many more...

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